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About Corsets

“You want pain? Try wearing a corset!”

–Elizabeth Swann, Pirates of the Caribbean

A classic line of film dialogue, written by two men who have never worn a corset. A properly fitted corset is comfortable for all-day wear, does not restrict breathing, and won’t dig into your skin or warp your ribs. These are all myths perpetuated by two things: second-hand rumors and ill-fitting corsets. I don’t make ill-fitting corsets.

A good corset will fit like a dream and last for years, but first it has to be properly fitted. Fitting a corset is a multi-step process. First, I take careful individual measurements of your body. No two bodies are alike, so it’s not enough to just get a bra measurement or a waist measurement. Your corset will fit you, hugging your unique curves and giving you some new ones.

The next step is a muslin prototype of your corset. Trying this on gives you an idea of how your corset will fit, and shows us what changes need to be made, if any. This guarantees that when I start crafting your corset, I’m working from a design that fits perfectly and that you personally love.

There are corsets for sale that look great, genuinely lovely, but fall apart the third time you wear them. That, to my mind, isn’t so much a purchase as a rental. When you buy a corset, you should get something that will last you for years and stand up to all the fun you’re going to have in it. That means quality materials, time-tested design, and durable, solid construction. Steel boning, not plastic, in exterior casings to keep strain off the fabric. High-quality fabrics, not cheap stuff that frays and falls apart after a few weeks.

Every corset I make has a triple layer construction, ensuring three things. First, that it’s comfortable, second, that it looks great, and third, that it will go on being comfortable and looking great for a long time to come. Every corset is different, and I approach each one as a unique design opportunity. A look at my samples will show that a corset can express many different styles, from high fashion to down and dirty. A lot of people tell me they don’t think they could ever wear a corset, but I’ve never seen a case where that was actually true.