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    Nicole & John’s Fairy Wedding

    July 10, 2013 by Robynne

    My lovely friends Nicole and John had a fairy wedding in the woods. My gift to Nicole was her wedding bodice and corset. The bodice is closely fitted and made of silk duchesse satin lined with taffeta. There are flat steel bones on the darts and spiral bones on the curved back seams. nicolewings nicole2
    The rest of the gown, including the wings, was made by Nicole herself, and you can see how much work she put into it with all those pleats. Her gown is based on a historical design from the late bustle period. Not pictured: Fairy lights in her dress! Lights! She looked amazing.



    The leather corset and skirt that the officiant, Summer, is wearing is also from my workshop. The corset is Edwardian style, with long lines over the hips and contrasting stitching in purple to match the suede leather bindings. This corset is fully boned with 1/4″ flat steels and is fused to coutil. The skirt is based on an early 1900s 7-gore trumpet skirt, adapted with a high-low hemline to show off her boots. summerkyn


    One of the bridesmaids (that’d be me) wore an Edwardian-inspired gown. This is the classic pouter pigeon silhouette popular circa 1900 – 1910, with that Edwardian S-curve. The skirt is a full bias cut circle skirt, and the skirt and blouse are trimmed with vintage lace.















    But wait, I’m not done yet! There was another guest at the wedding in a Tulgey Wood Design: This is Rachel, looking beautiful in a mermaid gown of silk crepe satin.

Other Recent Works

  • Lobster Tail Bustle

    This bustle is based on a period Victorian design. It has seven arcs of hoop steel giving it shape and a pleated ruffle on the bottom to give it movement.  I added a draped skirt front, making it suitable for modern wear. I love the way the pleather makes it look organic.

  • Christa’s Wedding Gown (featured on Offbeat Bride)

    When Christa approached me to create her wedding gown, I knew I had a high bar to reach. She has a finely developed aesthetic sense and is a talented artisan herself, as evidenced by her spectacular art car Syren. She had definite priorities for her gown, one of which was to show off her knee-high […]

  • My Little Corset Project

    I have a new project in the works and I thought I’d give a preview of what’s to come. Yes, this is exactly what you think it is. Rarity is a costume designer; how could I resist? Up next: Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack… and a surprise pony!

  • Heather’s Wedding Gown

    Heather’s one of a kind wedding gown is made of ivory silk taffeta. We worked together to arrive at a design that showcased her elegant Art Nouveau tattoo. The custom corset has a sturdy three-layer construction. The skirt drapes gracefully across the front and falls to a series of pleats at the back. Heather was […]

  • Recycled Couture – Business Corset!

    This cute little corset and skirt set was built from a secondhand men’s suit. The fabric is a light wool blend, and the pink godets in the skirt were taken from a thrifted women’s blouse. The godets match the pink lacing on the corset. The buttons on the front of the corset are also from […]