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About Robynne

I am a self-employed seamstress with a love of well designed garments. I’ve been sewing for about ten years. I studied at San Francisco State University and received a B.A. in Theater Arts with an emphasis on Costume Design. Whenever I can, I will find an excuse to create something fun and elegant.

About Tulgey Wood Designs

Every garment begins with a design consultation. We’ll discuss what you want to have created. If you only have a general idea, we’ll flesh out the details. I’ll estimate how much it is likely to cost and how long it should take to create. We’ll discuss which fabrics you want used, and I will take measurements. A deposit is required at this point.

Then fabric will be obtained. If you are local, we can go fabric shopping together. If you wish to pick your own fabric, then it is important that we consult so that you know what will work for your garment.

Next, unless the garment is very simple, a muslin will be created. A muslin is a model of the final garment that can be tried on to ensure a proper fit before the real version is created. In some cases the muslin version will lead to refitting and the creation of another muslin. Once we know the muslin fits well, work will begin on the actual garment.

When the garment is finished you will be notified and can pick it up or have it shipped to you.